October 2022

Dear Overcomers,

Good News! The Lord has put it in my heart to go to Bursa, TURKEY for 2 months. Phyllis Mitchell has a ministry called “Joyful Sound of Deliverance” and she will be going with me. We will be staying from March 15-May 15, 2023. Please pray for us as we seek the Lord. This was a definite surprise.


The students in the 4 Bible Schools are so thankful God put in the heart of Seale and Marcia Price to have Bible Schools in small towns where others do not go. Harvest Ministries have had Bible schools in Colombia since 2005. The Bible Schools, currently, are in El Guamo, Palitas, Chimichagua, and Curumani.


The Word says the goodness of God brings repentance. Because of HIS goodness 102 people believed in our Lord Jesus Christ: Evangelism 41, Farms 18. Feeding Children 43. HMI fed 5647 kids plus many adults.

Each area, where we feed the children, celebrated “Children’s Day”, and one party was amazingly different. Kenia, feeding the children and lots of adults in San Andres, was given some money from a friend in the USA to help with the celebration. They had a big blow-up thing they bounced on. The line to jump was full of excited kids. Besides their normal meal they also had cupcakes and a cup filled with treats and outstanding decorations. WE should ALWAYS expect the gift of favor God has given every child of HIS. It belongs to us.

Penney Johnson, a friend in Texas, called and asked if I needed anything and I said, “YES, I needed baby clothes for Venezuela”. I had been getting clothes but lacked baby clothes, at this time. She said “no problem”. Because of God’s favor she began to get not only baby clothes but children, and adult clothes, and sheets, and towels. A Pregnancy Center heard thru the grape vine Penney needed baby clothes for Venezuela and they contacted Penney and said people were so generous they had no place to put baby clothes and would she be interested in getting their overflow. Timing of God. God’s FAVOR. Bottom line, Penney and her husband, David, shipped 15 boxes to Venezuela. Our God always goes over and above of what we asked. GOD will take what faith we have, whether small or great, and make much from it. Expect the favor of God. I would like to be there to see their faces when they receive and open the boxes.

Juan and Jaider replaced Pastor Carmen over the Evangelistic Team when she moved to Maricaibo. Juan and Jaider are having a great time as they give 2 bags food to each home they visit. They encourage them and tell them God has NOT forgotten them and pray for the needs of the people, including the prayer of salvation to those who want to receive Jesus. “WHAT FUN”!

Victor Sandoval is my go-to person. He is our translator, web master, and technical person.

Ministers give him information and pictures and he gets them to me. He also buys all the food we purchase by bulk and gets them to the office along with boxes of clothes and medicine. He is on the VZ board and is an anointed teacher. He has been a blessing to HMI for about 20 years.

The most important is he is a very special friend,

The ministry works in unity as they feed the people, go to Japreria Indian Village and to the farms on motos. The ride to Japreria and the 6 farms is a long, bumpy, and dusty or muddy, and sometimes rainy trip to share the Gospel. Each laborer has such love for the people they would not miss their opportunity to go.

HMI thanks you for spreading the light of Jesus in these areas and giving them hope. Thank you for praying and for your financial support.

Victory in Jesus,

Marcia Price

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