March, 2020

Dear Conquerors,


HMI has 4 Bible Schools in Colombia. At this time, Colombia has not closed down the schools and churches. They have closed the border between them and Venezuela causing more chaos.


In February HMI had 233 receive Jesus as their Savior: 107 Evangelism Outreaches, Farms 29, Japreria 5, Children’s Cell 10, Juan Gil 62, San Francisco/Corrito 20. The Kingdom of God is increasing.

HMI had 2 amazing days as we took food to new neighborhoods to give away. We went to 30 homes the first day and gave each house a bag of Harina Pan or rice. It was a reminder that God had not forgotten them and HE loves them. We were to love on the people and pray for their requests and share Jesus with them. Some people cried, some were just in awe, and some laughed in joy, and a very few were skeptical. As a result 78 people received Jesus as Savior. Our people were so excited they were ready to go again, which we did and as a result 30 people were saved. In February HMI fed approximately 800 kids each week. 36 bags of food were given away plus the 60 packages of rice and Harina pan. When it is possible, we will continue going to new areas and following up on the neighborhoods we go to.

Because of the coronavirus just about everything is closed. Grocery stores are open in the mornings, pharmacies and hospitals are open and that is it. In our area there is no gas. The people are supposed to stay in their homes. Please remember that even we cannot go to the places, we still have expenses in Venezuela, Colombia, and here.

We were able to visit most of the farms, Japreria adults and kids, and children’s cell group this month before everything went crazy again.

Thank you for your faithfulness to support HMI through your prayers and giving.

You are a special people and Venezuela, Colombia, and USA are very blessed God gave you us to join with.

With Thanksgiving, 

Marcia Price

This is a few of the things that the Lord says about us in His Word.

God has not given us a Spirit of fear BUT power, love, and a sound mind

No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

We are conquerors and world overcomers.

We walk by faith and not by sight.

We are standing and acting on the Word.

We are always triumphant in Christ Jesus.

We are free from oppression and fear.

We are free from anxiety and fear.

We are strong in the Lord and the power of HIS might. (not our might but HIS)

We are in perfect peace because our mind is on the Lord. (KEY)

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