January 2023

Dear Blessed of the Lord,


When we went to Colombia in 2005 we had no idea what God’s long term plan was for small towns in Colombia  Now, 17 years later, students are continuing to be trained in HMI Bible Schools. In November HMI had 55 people graduate in 4 schools. There was one second level school with 17 graduates and 3 first level, El Guamo 14, Chimichaqua 15, Pailitas 9,   Curumani gave HMI a unique plaque with the students pictures and names.  It recognized Seale and I and it even had our logo in the background.



THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR 150 PEOPLE TO RECEIVE JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR IN November and December and feed over 4,000 kids, plus many elderly, mothers, handicapped, pregnant, and widows. The Evangelist Team led 80 to the Lord, farms 24, and 3 in Japreria, 43 were saved in feeding the children. (children and adults)

HMI rejoiced and praised God for the clothes, medicine, and other items that were shipped in October and arrived in time for Christmas celebration. The shipment made it to Maracaibo and it remained there for a couple of weeks because of lack gas. BUT GOD HAD A PLAN AND IT WAS FOR THE THINGS TO GET TO LAVILLA FOR CHRISTMAS.

There had been a shortage of gas in Venezuela, again, and people were in line for 1-3 days.   At times, in order to get to places of ministry, HMI purchased gas from individuals on the street, but thank the Lord gas has amazingly returned and the long wait is over.

The Japreria Team spent 3 days in Japreria to celebrate Christmas.  They had two nights of  meetings with the Word being taught, testimonies, and much praise and worship.  They had many activities and people cooked a lot to prepare for over 300 people.  I am sure the kids could hardly wait to celebrate the birth of Christ and to see what special gifts God would provide for them.

In Japreria and each of the areas for children played games, face painted, inflatable, hair weaving, received gifts, and had food.  The farms celebrated with food and gifts of clothes, which was a surprise for the people.  HMI was offered a beautiful farm, with swimming pool, to have their Christmas celebration. It was a wonderful blessing for HMI.


Thank you for sowing into the lives of so many people.  God would call you a treasure and so do we. 


    With Thanksgiving,

             Marcia Price


Ps. 128:1-2 “How joyous are those that love the Lord and bow low before God, ready to obey HIM. Your reward will be prospering, happiness and well-being”.

Please Don’t forget to pray for our trip to Turkey March 15-May 15.

Please pray for our flights to make it to our destination with no problems.
For us to accomplish the plans God has for us.
Finances for the trip.
Divine connections
We would have ears to hear and be led by our precious Holy Spirit.
Protection and we would not be attacked by infirmity
However you are led to pray.




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