And he said to them, Go into all the world, and give the good news to everyone.

Mark 16:15

The Founders

Seale and Marcia Price

1997 – 2022

Seale and Marcia Price founded Harvest Ministries International, Inc. in 1997 As A 401c non-profit organization.

They established a headquarters in Venezuela in 1998 with various ministries going to different areas to minister.

   In 2000 they moved to Venezuela and started Harvest Ministries Bible Training Center.  Harvest Ministries is a legal entity in Venezuela. In 2005 HMI began Bible Schools.

  In VZ we go to Japreria Indian Village in the mountains, to 7 farms , a children’s cell group, feeding children weekly in 4 different locations, evangelistic teams, and a church in Villa del Rosario.


Reach people with the word of god
have bible schools where no one else goes, small townes and villages.




Teach and train people to do the work of the ministry have places for graduates to work in the ministry as part of their training.

Show the love of jesus by helping meet their physical needs,but always keeping in focus the eternal destiny of the people.

Our Locations

venezuela, flag, national flag-162459.jpg


Victor Raul Sandoval Luzardo
Villa del Rosario
ZULIA – 4047
+58 412 658 2445


José luis Herrera Lozano
Cel: 3167746698
Calle 3#10-61 barrio la esperanza pailitas César

United States

Marcia Price
PO BOX 653

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