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1997 – 2022

Harvest Ministries International, Inc.

Seale and Marcia Price

They established a headquarters in Venezuela in 1998 with various ministries going to different areas to minister.  In 2000 they moved to Venezuela and started Harvest Ministries Bible Training Center.  Harvest Ministries is a legal entity in Venezuela. In 2005 HMI began Bible Schools.

In VZ we go to Japreria Indian Village in the mountains, to 7 farms , a children’s cell group, feeding children weekly in 4 different locations, evangelistic teams, and a church in Villa del Rosario.


January 2023

Dear Blessed of the Lord, COLOMBIA When we went to Colombia in 2005 we had no idea what God’s long term plan was for small towns in Colombia  Now, 17 years later, students are continuing to be trained in HMI Bible Schools. In November HMI had 55 people graduate in 4 schools. There was one...

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